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October Meeting

Double Speaker Feature

At this meeting we will be offering two speakers.


Comfort Dogs

 Speaker #1:
4:00 PM
5:00 PM
Social: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Speaker #2:
6:00 PM
7:00 PM

 Defeating Compassion Fatigue
in Lab Animal Research

President's Message

May, 2016

Ready for the summer!

It’s that time of year where the branch slows down for a few months to enjoy the impending gorgeous weather. 

We had exceptional speakers for our 2016 monthly general meetings to date:





Christian Lawrence

A New Paradigm for Zebrafish Management and Care


Steve Niemi

Working Smarter, Not Harder


Cedric Hubeau

Opposites Attract:  How Animal Models and Organs-on-a-chip Benefit from each other in Drug Discovery


John Romanelli

Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES), Single Port Laparosocopic Surgery and Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy  (POEM) 


Ron E. Banks

Why is Animal Welfare Important to my Institution? 

Keep your eyes open for a July surgical wet lab, followed by our Annual September Event. 

Remember Rock the Boat?  It’s coming back and we made a couple of changes.  It is now the Annual Installation Dinner Banquet.  There will be dinner, awards, scholarship raffle/auction, and passing of the Gavel (HERE COMES JOEL ORTIZ).  As part of this year’s event, we are including an educational component.  We locked in a great speaker and you will not be disappointed!  Be sure to check in periodically to find out more and take part in the upcoming festivities! 

Thinking about getting involved?  NEBAALAS will soon be releasing a Policies and Procedures Manual.  This document provides an organizational overview of our operating structure, benefits, and opportunities as a branch.  It will be a great place to learn how you can contribute to this great organization!

Have a safe and wonderful summer!  Looking forward to seeing you at future NEBAALAS events!

Dotty Paquin, CVT, CMAR, MBA

Incoming President's Message

October, 2015


Thank you all for your continued support of NEBAALAS.  It is your loyalty, support and dedication that continues to make NEBAALAS the organization it is today.  I am excited, honored, and proud to be your Branch President.  I consider this role, one of service to you, to our members, and to our future members.  Let’s strive to build a stronger branch and make 2015 a great NEBAALAS year!

 We have a lot to be proud of as an organization.  We offer our members a great deal of professional opportunities:

·         Scholarships

·         Awards

·         BRTT

·         Newsletters

·         Annual Gala Event- Carnevale

·         General Meetings

·         Technician Challenge

·         AALAS Exam Prep Classes

·         Raffle Prizes

·         Director’s Dinner

·         District 1 Training Seminar

·         Wet Labs

·         Job Fair

·         CEUs

Why am I a NEBAALAS member? 

Give back to the industry that has given me a career, a home, and a purpose. 

After years of supporting the New England Branch’s organization, it was time to step up and give more- lead by example and try my best continue to drive in a progressive direction.

It is a great group of professionals.  I respect and rely on co-members as friends, allies and vital resources!

Why Not!

The knowledge span is better than a listserve!  The talks keep me current - both CEUs and industry standards.  Social networking, dinner and drinks, and friends = my kind of fun.  

Why should everyone be a NEBAALAS member? 

Networking opportunities

Enjoy free food and drink at every general meeting

Become more involved…. because you want a career- not just a job

Attend a wet lab for hands on development of new skills

Attend the annual Fall Gala event and maybe even get an award or scholarship

Learn and collect continuing education units to maintain your ‘R’ AALAS status 

Awesome events at discounted member rates (Boston Regional Tech Training and AALAS prep classes) 

Socialize with friends and make new ones

…and It’s a fun group with tons of opportunity to advance your career! 

Changes to the BOD:

1.        Introducing two new Membership Committee Co-Chairs:

Carla Ranns - Carla is a Global Site Administration and Business Resources Senior Manager for Pfizer.  I work closely with Carla (literally 2 feet away) and I know she is a task master with the technical prowess to help us ramp us membership and ensure an efficient process flow. 

Malachy M Noone - Malachy works for the Gramercy Company.  As a previous vendor membership chair for the Metro NY branch, I know Malachy has the experience and depth to provide vital feedback on membership and can ensure we are headed in the right direction!

 Thank you very much to Maria Santoro for her Membership services over the last couple years.  Her efforts in transitioning to the Apricot Website and maintaining the NEBAALAS members list online and at events are greatly appreciated. 

 2.       We have two new NEB Trustees on the Board:

Lou Ristic - Former NEBAALAS President and my personal mentor, Lou has devoted years of time and energy into the organization, and I am thrilled to keep him locked in for two more years at a voting capacity. 

Mimi Crowley - Mimi has been steadfast in the industry for decades and she has regularly contributed toward the Harvard wet labs held over the last couple years.  I am excited to have Mimi on the board to share her previous experience and generate Kaizen NEBAALAS concepts.  

 3.       We have a new Scholarship Committee Chair:

Candy Carr - Candy has assisted Karrie Southwell (the new VP elect) for several years in our consistently successful scholarship raffle that brings in funds to fund local techs in attending  both local and national continuing educational opportunities.  

Check them out at: http://nebaalas.org/scholarships

Presidential Aspirations: 

1.        Create larger membership institutional buckets, similar to other branches to help increase membership numbers, simplify renewals and new memberships for larger organizational, institutional members

 2.       Increase membership by 15%.  How?

1.       In part by Presidential Aspirations #1

2.       Having a great program of events that draws in new interest.

3.       Advertising NEBAALAS and what we offer at industry events 

4.       Host a tandem general meeting from the Longwood area to another Cambridge location.  Use technology to webcast the meeting across different sites.   This allows for a wider audience to partake in social and learning components of our general meetings. 

5.       Figure out what majority wants and deliver!   I believe in continuous improvement but don’t want change for change’s sake.   I will rely on the depth and experience of the NEBAALAS Board over the next year to lead in the best direction!

 Spotlight on Program:

As a previous Program Committee member I know just how much goes into pulling together the general meetings and wet labs. 

 My Gold star of the President’s message goes to Matt Flegal (Biogen) and Tim McNally (Pfizer) for their hard work in building a program of events that makes other branches jealous  J

Matt- I am counting on you- like a rock!

Tim- Keep delivering on those wet labs! You rock!

Thank you,

Dotty Paquin
President 2015/2016


Outgoing President's Message

September, 2015

Dear NEBAALAS Members,

I want to sincerely thank the Board of Directors “BOD” and the members of NEBAALAS for making this past year another great year for the branch.  It was an honor to serve as your President and have a small part in the larger picture of everything that NEBAALAS does for our field of lab animal science here in the New England area.  I’ve learned a lot and have gained many new friends and colleagues in the industry.  Honestly though, the branch’s strength is in the BOD and its active members.  Without a doubt we have an extremely active and energetic BOD which I have to give all the credit to for the success of the branch over the past year and the continued growth of the branch.  Your BOD is comprised of volunteers that spend countless hours putting together exceptional programs for our members, hands on training, networking opportunities, resources for learning and an awards ceremony to honor and appreciate those in our field that make a difference.  I would like to personally say, “Thank You Board of Directors”.  Thank you for supporting the branch, making a difference and volunteering your time and expertise for our members of NEBALAAS. 
To our members, I would also like to say thank you.  You are integral for not only improving the quality of life for humans because of the medical research you do, but also the quality of life for all animals that are used for these advancements.  You take the lead and responsibility for making sure the animals used in medical research are taken care of as humanly as possible, which enhances the quality of the research.  You’re the voice for the animals used in research, and this at times is the toughest part of our jobs.  It can be the toughest thing to talk about to our friends and family members.  So thank you!  Thank you for making a difference.  Thank you for being that voice in our field of lab animal science and for being a part of NEBAALAS. 
In closing it was truly a pleasure and an honor to be able to be the president of such an outstanding and very active organization such as NEBAALAS.  I leave you in the best hands possible with your new president Dotty Paquin, who is without a doubt vested in the branch and has a lot of great ideas.  I am excited to assist her as she takes over the lead for our organization and continues to move us forward, excelling for excellence in what we do and stand for. 

Best Wishes,

Scott Bechaz
Past President 2014/2015

October, 2014

Dear NEBAALAS Members,

I am privileged and honored to step into the role of President for your branch for the 2014/2015 year.  Lou did an amazing job at leading and mentoring us for the past year my goal is continuing that path.  As President one of the 1st responsibilities is to name the chairs and co-chairs of the various committees as well as appointing two New England Branch Trustees.  This is a great responsibility because many of the existing board members are extremely engaged in the goals and objectives of the branch and have done an excellent job in their roles.  As President I would like to foster their involvement and continue their roles with the NEBAALAS organization.  There are also opportunities for new up and coming leaders/mentors to participate in the organization, which I’m privileged to be able to appoint some of these folks to position within our board.  I want to thank you for your past and future dedication of time and effort to make NEBAALAS one of the most successful branches for growth, mentorship and ability to offer the most continuing education opportunities towards its members.  I am so proud of our branch and the opportunities it gives its members. 

  •      One might ask what does our new President intend to focus on over the next year.  The first is to continue to progress with what we have been doing.  It’s working so I’d like for us to fine tune and have our BOD continue to buildup and develop our organization.  I truly feel the BOD has been making great decisions and has continues to advance the branch - more importantly it continues to offer its members a plethora of learning opportunities and networking opportunities.
  •       In 2014 we updated our Constitution and Bylaws and this year I’d like for us to really drill down and outline procedural roles and responsibilities of each of the positions on the BOD.   This will allow for transparency within the organization and also offer continuity over the years and personal growth as the folks in those positions evolve over time. 
  •       I would like to propose that we test a change in our general meetings where we start with the presentation and end with social time.  Currently we have social hour prior to our speakers but as folks are networking and socializing we often have to draw this to a close in preparation for the speaker.  So let’s collectively fine tune this and determine if we start with the speaker/presentation and end with social time, hoping this allows more time to network and socialize with our colleagues. 
  •      As President I feel it’s one of my responsibilities to reach out to some of our colleagues that currently do not participate in NEBAALAS to become involved.  I believe this is a missed opportunity for not only them, but for our organization as well.  The NE branch’s network and continuing education opportunities are compelling and effective.  It is my mission to reach out to those colleagues that may not have had or have taken the opportunity to engage themselves and/or their institution to the branch.  I feel these folks are really missing out the resources NEBAALAS offers.   
  •       Engage you the members by asking and listing to your ideas for the branch or maybe your needs as a member from the branch, such as wet labs on specific techniques, lectures on what current in your facilities. 

These are just a few ideas that I’ve either had in conjunction with other BOD or branch members.  What I do know as President, I’m going to continue to work hard and lead as best I can.  I’m relying on the outstanding members of the board with all their expertizes, knowledge and skillsets to offer not only new ideas but to have the ability to have good professional debates which advances the organization. 

We have a very exciting year ahead.  Program committee has already outlined many wet labs and training programs as well as securing very well-known and influential speakers for our programs.  I’m looking forward to the BRTT that will be offering multiple tracks for participates in their continuing educational needs and so much more.


Scott Bechaz

NEBAALAS President 2014-2015

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